About Shipping

Once get your payment we shipping by DHL directly arrived in your hand no customs problem no tax(normal 5~7 working days arrived in your hands)

Notice: Because of our Factory address isn’t in the  city  so we sent 30~50 pcs (difference kinds of type) to City warehouse normal

If the items in stock (in city warehouse) we can update the tracking information in 3 working days(Sunday and Saturday DHL not working)

DHL Update the tracking information need 1 working day normal 

so in stock we can update tracking information for you in 3 working days

If no stock (city warehouse) we need to ready for it and sent to city warehouse (3 days  from factory to warehouse)  DHL update need 1 day   

so if no stock we can update tracking information for you in 4~5 working days

Which one is better for you ?

There is no one hundred percent of the things that working all of your slot machine ,we have more than 14 types jammer that in difference frequency and power  if  you want working on more slot machine you need have our 2~3 types emp device.

Common fault

1 battery damage, mainly due to the charging time is too long. The correct charge should be maintained in charging hole filling 40~60 minutes, easy to burn out the battery overcharge.
2. Triode is easy to damage, mainly due to the long time press the switch on the transistor caused by overheating, the correct way to use is control switch 3 ~ 5 seconds immediately release, a few seconds press switch to used again.

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