Jammer No.2

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EMP JAMMER Portable Generator High power Transmitter Coil Generators Game Test Repair Tool

Product introduction:

Working mode: 900MHZ direct frequency +[3HZ-28HZ]X560MHZ mixing

Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external

Instrument color: transparent

Instrument size: 85X50X21MM

Instrument power: 30W

Power switch: plug type

Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink


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Firing head:
1, the coil is made of high quality wire, precision winding, more standard, more stable
2, imported high power transistors [power stronger]
3, the latest debugging method, the power is more powerful
1 gear 580MHZ direct frequency signal
2 3HZ+580MHZ mixing pulse signal
3 6HZ+580MHZ mixing pulse signal
4 9HZ+580MHZ mixing pulse signal
5 11HZ+580MHZ mixing pulse signal
6 13HZ+580MHZ mixing pulse signal

3 reviews for Jammer No.2

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